The GGFA Advisory Board members are appointed by the Executive Board and serve to support GGFA initiatives.  They represent every region in the US.  The Advisory Board also includes representation from Canada and Russia and Central Europe. 

WILLY BANOS Gold’s Gyms Los Angeles, CA

STACE BEECHAM Gold’s Gym Rainbow City, AL

BRYCE BERRY Gold’s Gyms of Colorado and Wyoming

JIM CZUPIL Gold’s Gym of Linglestown and Camp Hill, PA

BARRY FIELD Gold’s Gym of Providence, RI

SKYE KAISS Gold’s Gym Regina, Canada

SIO KHAYAMI Gold’s Gym Ville St-Laurent, Canada

MIKE KRONGAARD Gold’s Gyms of Richmond, VA

PAUL KUEBLER Gold’s Gym Russia Central/Eastern Europe

KATHY MORGAN Gold’s Gyms of the Bloomington Area, IL

TOM MULLER Gold’s Gym of Dewitt and Liverpool, NY

BRYAN MURPHY Gold’s Gyms of Houston, TX

CASEY NIELSEN Gold’s Gyms of Utah

GARY PRICE Gold’s Gym Pocatello, ID

TONY REA Gold’s Gyms of Amarillo, TX

STEVE ROTEN Gold’s Gym of Jackson, TN

SHAUN SMITH Gold’s Gyms Aiken SC and Augusta, GA

MARY ZAMPETTI Gold’s Gym of Bridgewater, NJ