The GGFA Educational Platform
The GGFA is committed to providing franchisees with the knowledge that will help them build and sustain their business through education, communication and sharing best practices.  GGFA publications provide educational and relevant information distributed to the member base on scheduled tracks.  All GGFA hosted events are structured to deliver content that is deployable back into club operations.  Franchisees come away from an event with tools and knowledge that directly impacts their business.  Many of them host staff sessions and deliver the training immediately into their operation.

The GGFA Educational Program includes our Webinar Series, articles and blogs in our publications, and course work in our Regional Workshops and Regional Best Practice Forums.

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The BrieF
The BrieF is the GGFA weekly e-Newsletter.  Distributed to the member base, it includes news and communication about programs offered to the Gold’s Gym Brand and in the fitness industry.  Events and webinars are promoted and Supplier Partnership Network member promotions and messages are published.  Since the launch of this publication, the GGFA has been recognized annually for excellence in communication, and it consistently achieves a high open and read rate.

The BulletiN
The BulletiN is published weekly and enables owners and key high level management staff to peruse advertisements, special announcements and press releases submitted by our SPN members.  This publication focuses on promotions and information sharing from our SPN Members, designed to save you money!

The Locker RooM
The Locker RooM is the GGFA blog.  Featuring experts and consultants in the industry, franchisees sharing best practices and suppliers contributing their expertise, new entries are published monthly.  The GGFA blog includes quick reads and is an excellent resource for franchisees and managers to remain informed on the latest topics and trends.

The VoicE
Launched in the spring of 2010, The VoicE is the official magazine of the GGFA.  Published quarterly on a digital platform, it has become the most widely read publication in the brand.  The VoicE includes articles written by industry experts, tenured Gold’s Gym franchisees and members of the GGFA Supplier Partnership Network.  Each issue features the story of a franchisee or franchisee group and their inspirational story about what brought them into the brand and how they have built their business.  Also included is the Wire with all the latest news and events relative to the Gold’s Gym brand and the industry.

Ask The System
Ask The System is a vehicle for members to ask their fellow franchisees questions pertaining to their business.  The GGFA facilitates the communication by distributing the question, collecting and compiling responses, and distributing the responses back out to the participants.  Ask The System facilitates networking and sharing best practices within the franchisee community.

Book List
Franchisees always look to improve their skills and knowledge and can find this a great resource on business books.  Suggestions come from a pool of franchisees and the Think Tank of Experts.

Small Group Webinar Chats
This is a smaller webinar environment with a maximum of 12 owners participating in sharing operational best practices.  It’s moderated by the GGFA Staff and one of the participating franchisees.   GGFA Members can request available seats for an upcoming Webinar Chat through The BrieF or by contacting Deborah Hancock on the GGFA staff.

GGFA Webinar Series
Since 2008, the GGFA webinar series combines the knowledge of experts in key areas of club success, topics and information sharing by franchisees who have created best practices with a proven successful track record.  The GGFA Think Tank Panel of Experts are featured presenters in the webinar program, providing new updates in their areas of expertise.  Topics covered in the program are targeted to owners and their key high level management team. 

Upcoming webinars are promoted through The BrieF, the GGFA weekly e-newsletter. 

The LibrarY
Recordings of the educational webinars hosted by the GGFA are available to GGFA owners and their staff.   GGFA Members may log in for access to a list of recently hosted GGFA webinars and the recordings may be downloaded.

Think Tank of Experts
The GGFA Think Tank Panel of Experts is a group of professionals that support the GGFA through education.  Each of them have expertise in various areas of business, and are particularly knowledgeable in gym operations.  Through the association’s resources, they present in educational webinars and write articles and blogs that published and available to GGFA Members.