Now that you’ve got prospects coming into your club, it’s time to convert them to members. People are looking to YOU, the fitness professionals to motivate and inspire them to reach their fitness goals.  So, in keeping with your New Year’s fitness goals, it’s the perfect time to act. Get your GroupX instructors and Trainers pumped up. They need to build energy and to drive member/guest traffic into the club, along with the GroupX and Training programs.

One idea is to start the New Year with a GroupX Team Spirit day. Have members and guests wear their favorite sports team jersey or T-shirt every Saturday for the month of January. Have the GXIs present one member per class an MVP award. This awarded member could be someone who brings guests; who has tons of energy; or is someone who has come a long way on their fitness journey. Showcase these members for the entire month and make them feel special! Put a message in your check-in system, “MVP in Les Mills Body Combat” to alert the front desk when one of your MVPs checks-in and coach your staff on congratulating them and asking them to bring their friends to share their love of “Les Mills Body Combat.” Enthusiasm is contagious and creates new members! Post pictures in the club and on social media with hash tags. Of course get the member’s permission first. Make an impact on your members because everyone wants to be recognized, so get them excited in achieving their goals, while at the same time promoting your club. Celebrate your rock star instructors! They are the catalyst to your success! See for employee motivation.

You not only want to drive guests into your club, but you want to make them successful and keep them coming back to your club. Your GXIs/Trainers should be doing the following to acclimate guests into your club culture so they don’t give up and want to come back.

  • Make sure your guests feel welcome. Motivate and help them achieve their dream of looking and feeling fit, as well as healthy. Be genuine!
  • Don’t call new people out in front of the class. Sometimes it takes a lot just to get someone to participate in a group fitness class, or even step foot in a gym. Acknowledge new members and guests before or after class, and compliment them during class.  Make sure to thank them for coming into your class and invite them to participate again. Genuinely show you care about them.
  • Introduce a new participant to one of your rock star regulars that can tell them more about your class. Help the participant get set-up and provide a safe environment for their questions. Sometimes people are self-conscious about speaking up with instructors/trainers and asking for advice.  For this type of situation your regulars can be a sounding board. Try to provide great motivation and cheer your regulars on during their workouts. There’s a reason why they are your regulars! People love to workout in a friendly and encouraging atmosphere. Make that possible for them!
  • Encourage your guests and regular members to “friend you” on social media to build a sense of community and a fitness support system. This engages them and keeps them part of the club.
  • After a workout or a class, congratulate new participants for their hard work and give them some guidance on what kind of workout they can do the next day. Cross-promote other classes to compliment what they’ve already accomplished that day. For example, if they have just completed a strenuous strength workout, tell them about a great Cardio or Yoga class. Let them know about the value of cross training. This helps to meet their goals faster.
  • The next time the guest comes to your class, congratulate them for making it back and tell them you’re excited to see them. On the other hand when they do miss class, welcome them back and let them know you genuinely missed them. Be authentic!
  • Run your Attendance reports in your Fitness Payment Solutions software to see who has signed up the previous week and hasn’t checked in. Have your staff email them, or extend a more personal touch and reach out to find out what’s holding them back. Show you care by giving them the encouragement they expect from a fitness professional.
  • Now is the time to give your members the convenience of using your payment solutions scheduling portal, and/or a Mobile App so they can sign up for classes, or buy PT sessions from their mobile device. It is also a great way to build a sense of community of like-minded people from your club. Members will be able to take fitness challenges, and log their workouts to share on social media as well. Members and guests inspire each other and keep themselves on track. More importantly, they keep coming back to your club.


This is the time of year when you want guests to stop being doubters and make them successful and above all, to help them feel their inner champion.  You want them to smash through any barriers to achieve their fitness goals and to accomplish more than ever what they thought possible. When those guests fall in love with fitness and the community that you’ve created for them, you’ll have members for life.

Now go get ‘em!


Christie_ASF-490x365Christie McPherson is client training manager for ASF Payment Solutions. She spent a number of years in a senior management role on Wall Street working with mutual funds. McPherson has been with ASF Payment Solutions for 15 years as a client training manager and focuses on providing the best systems training in the business. Product development and system quality assurance are also an integral part of her responsibilities at ASF. She enjoys working with a staff that genuinely cares about helping clients grow their businesses and is happy to promote teamwork, fitness and a healthy lifestyle, which fits her core values as a certified Schwinn cycle instructor. She can be reached at:

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