It always amazes me how quickly time goes by. It feels like just last week we were planning and organizing this year’s Gold’s Gym Challenge. And yet here we are talking about wrapping it up and judging.

The Gold’s Gym Challenge is truly special to me for a number of reasons. One reason is that it happens during our busiest time of the year, which can be great or a little stressful.  I personally love the busy season of January through March, as the energy in the club is at its peak, and people are working hard to create a better version of themselves.  Nothing makes me happier than seeing a fitness floor filled to capacity with people from all walks of life, working hard to accomplish whatever goal they have set.

The other reason the Challenge has me hooked is its simplicity and effectiveness. It isn’t rocket science, but the results we see every year still amazes me. The dedication and commitment that people make is truly inspirational. I believe that the Gold’s Gym Challenge IS the magic pill!

The best reason the Challenge is so special to me is the impact it has on our employees. Watching the Trainers, Sales People and Front Desk Staff talk about it and get excited to see people sign up is extraordinary. The level of excitement the staff brings to it is, in my opinion, the difference maker.

So as the weather starts to turn nicer and people start to think about going outside. Let’s get all the people who started the Challenge to remember why they did it. What was their reason for their dedication? Why did they sacrifice and commit to the gym and the healthy lifestyle for 12 weeks?

Let’s remind them of why they feel and look better than they did just a short 12 weeks ago.  Let’s help them to remember their healthy lifestyle. And let’s celebrate their achievements together.

So as we say goodbye to this year’s Gold’s Gym Challenge, I would like to challenge everyone reading this to keep that Challenge feeling alive in your staff and yourself for as long as you own, run, or work in the best place on earth!


All 2016 Gold’s Gym Challenge Team Submissions must 
be received at the GGFA by Friday, May 6th! 
GGFA #129 / 400 Peachtree Industrial Boulevard 
Suite 5, Suwanee, GA 30024

Dave Kenyon

Dave Kenyon, Chairman
Gold’s Gym Challenge Committee
Gold’s Gyms of Dutchess County NY