Ginger CollinsHello Everyone;

As we have completed the first month of the year ahead, many of you have shared that January kicked off very strong and that you are very encouraged about the upcoming season.  This is great news that I am not surprised to hear.  Success takes drive and dedication and all of you have it.  You know your members and your market and have consistently responded to their needs.  You make improvements to your club to enhance the member experience, whether it is through making capital improvements, adding new programs or services, or focusing on new types of marketing to attract new members.  You’ve acquired an amazing staff and have trained them to exemplify your mission, vision and purpose.   And then there are those things that you do in your communities to make a difference.  Bringing fitness and wellness into supporting local events and national causes is part of your DNA.

You are in this business because you are passionate about improving the life and health of others.  People who come into the business purely to build something great and be a financial success is just not a sustainable thought process.  It takes a huge commitment to others be successful as a club owner.

That is why the GGFA is here to support each of you that open your doors every day to make a healthy contribution in your communities.  The association is built on relationships and as you’ve heard me state our strategy, “to create conditions for franchisees to thrive.”  The Supplier Partnership Network was created early in 2008 in answer to your needs.  It is built on relationships too and has developed and matured since then.  In 2014, we created the Premium Club and invited our SPN member community to consider participating.  It is limited to five suppliers, who are Gold Level members.  They must be in the SPN for at least 3 years to be considered and their club status runs from January through December.  Last month we introduced the 2016 SPN Premium Club members, but today we would like to share with you what they think about being part of the GGFA.

Please read what they have to share and you will see how their support of you and your association are a mirror of the support you give to your members, your staff and your communities.

Your business was started with a passion for fitness, and its growth has been built and is sustained on relationships.  Everything that the GGFA does for you is also founded in relationships.

Ginger Collins
GGFA Executive Director


“The GGFA is such an important organization to be part of and plugged in to so members and suppliers can be informed.  It is amazing to see the growth of the GGFA and involvement of all the Franchisees.  I cannot think of a better way to support the brand and be part of the educational process.  Matrix values the GGFA relationship deeply and appreciates all the opportunities that it brings.  Matrix wishes all of the Gold’s family a great year in 2016.”

Seth Robinson
Matrix Fitness

“Through the years, ASF Payment Solutions has been honored to be supporters and sponsors of the GGFA.  Everyone in this organization continues to be a pleasure to work with.  Our commitment to GGFA and the individual owners grows with each year through the incredible events that are put on by their staff.  Relationships are the ultimate foundation of any partnership, and ASF is fortunate to have nurtured those friendships with GGFA and the owners!”

Jason Abucejo
ASF Payment Solutions

ASF logo


“It’s been over 6 years that Europa has been part of the GGFA and wouldn’t trade a single moment of it.  The relationships that have been forged through this network truly mean the world to us.  The word relationship to Europa is not a corporate word that we use in marketing or punch lines but the core of who we are and governs the many decisions we make on a daily basis.  Partners like the GGFA help guide those decisions because of the work that’s been invested on both sides that extend beyond the all mighty dollar.  Many of the things we put effort into for Gold’s and its franchises are simply because 25 years ago its where we started.  Our owners, Eric and Jeff built those relationships with people like Ted & Nancy Capp and Steve Roten.  So when you fast forward to today and see the relationships that take shape with people like Dusty Mason or Joe Harrison you can understand why continuing to partner makes as much sense as it did then as it does now.  We look forward to working and getting close with each member of this organization because it’s as much family to us as our own employees.”

Justin Weeks
Europa Sports Products


“For 10+ years Les Mills and the GGFA franchisees have been partners in over 185 locations nationally. Events such as the GGFA Owners’ Conference and Regional Workshops have given Les Mills the opportunity to forge stronger relationships with our GGFA franchisee partners. We appreciate the support that the Gold’s Gym owners and operators have given us over the years and the GGFA has been a very important part of the support structure that strengthens those relationships.”

Erin Kelly
Les Mills US

Les Mills main logo Black.png


“Fitness Underwriters has been a member of the GGFA Supplier Partnership network since 2008 and we are proud to announce that we have taken that commitment to the next level with our Premium Club sponsorship in 2016!

Over the years, we have enjoyed the unique opportunities that events like the Owners’ Conference and Regional Workshop provide us.  The team at Fitness Underwriters truly values those opportunities to stay connected to and strengthen relationships with our clients as well as creating new partnerships with all of the franchise members.

We are the GGFA’s biggest fans and believe that Ginger and her team are second to none!  We truly value the relationships we have built with the entire GGFA organization and we look forward to many more successful years together.”

Jeff Kerxton
Fitness Underwriters
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