From our Franchisee Members:

John Custard
Director, GGFA Executive Board
Gold’s Gym Northern Virginia

“I have been with Gold’s Gym since 1991. Back then if you had a question you either phoned a friend in the business or more just guessed on what to do. As years went by resources for information have gotten better, but it is the GGFA that has put its stamp on continued education for the owners and their staff. The GGFA has established itself as the place to go for information and with the new website, it has taken another step to give owners another location where they can save money, get information, and find equipment and supplies for their clubs.”

Mike Epstein
Director Emeritus, GGFA Executive Board
Gold’s Gym Paramus, NJ

“The GGFA is an incredible information resource for all things Gold’s Gym. The ability to network and learn from fellow franchisees is one of the most important benefits of being a member of the GGFA family. Communication, education and representation are what the GGFA is all about. I encourage everyone in the Gold’s Gym family to not only support the GGFA, but to actively participate as that is the best way to reap the many benefits of membership and to give something back. Together, we can all make a difference in our businesses, our brand and our industry!”

Kathy and John Morgan
GGFA Advisory Board Member
Gold’s Gym Bloomington, Normal & Pekin, IL

“We joined the GGFA in 2004, owning 1 club. Over the last decade, the GGFA has enabled us to develop relationships with other franchisees and vendors. These relationships have provided us knowledge and information to improve processes, equipment and facilities.Along with this, we have improved the day to day operations of our clubs. Currently we are a strong team operating 4 clubs. Without being part of the GGFA over the last 11 years our Business, Leaders or Team would not have grown or been as successful as we are today.”

From our Supplier Members:

Justin Weeks,
Europa Sports Products

“25 years ago Europa started a relationship with Gold’s Gym that has blossomed into one of our largest supported franchises to date.  No matter what growth or direction Europa takes this year or the years to come it is our goal and commitment to always stay centered in where we started.  Our foundation was built in the gym and will always be the center of our business and our passion. “

Seth Robinson,
Matrix Fitness

“The GGFA is such an important organization to be part of and plugged in to so members and suppliers can be informed.  It is amazing to see the growth of the GGFA and involvement of all the Franchisees.  I cannot think of a better way to support the brand.  Matrix values the GGFA relationship deeply and appreciates all the opportunities that it brings.”

Justin Willis,
Ready Care Industries
“Since joining the GGFA Supplier Network in 2006, Ready Care has experienced increased visibility, improved engagement and sales growth from association members. The GGFA staff couldn’t be more helpful in directing Ready Care to the right opportunities, whether it’s tradeshows, Regional Workshops or online events that enable us to strengthen our relationships with GGFA members. We now better understand their evolving needs and enjoy being seen as a partner to provide innovative personal care solutions (shower dispensers, liquids, vanity items, private label, and more).”